About Us

We exist to connect people to God, to others, and to purpose.


Relationships: (John 13:35)
We care for others
We strive for unity

Generosity: (Luke 6:38)
We believe our resources, influence, and words are purposed for a higher cause. Therefore, we do not horde it, but we give freely.
We are generous with our time, our words, and our resources, We understand that generosity is not a talent, but a virtue; it is who we are, not simply something we do.

Compassion: (Mark 6:34)
We make intentional decisions driven by compassion. We seek to show God’s love to everyone, young and old, rich or poor, known or outcast.

Personal Responsibility: (2 Timothy 1:6)
Our personal growth is a priority We strive to live a life of integrity, our word matters, our handshake counts, we believe in doing the right thing even when no one knows. We are solution centered, not problem finders.

Fun: (Proverbs 17:22)
We value laughter.
We believe there is strength in joy!
We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we intentionally add fun to everything we do.

Our mission is to better people’s lives.

Our mission and messages are entirely based in Jesus.

We believe Jesus Christ is the greatest example of how to apply and live out the truth and grace found in the Scriptures.

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