ConnectKIDS is the children’s department at ConnectCommunity:

We take great responsibility in making sure our kid’s environments are safe, wholesome, and fun! At ConnectKids, your children are encouraged with lessons based on Biblical principals of faith, love, and respect in a creative and fun way.

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ConnectKIDS is Back!

We are excited to inform you that ConnectCommunity has begun holding ConnectKIDS services once again. It’s been great. Kids are having doing exciting projects, learning about the Bible, and having fun in church once again! 

We are currently holding ONE class for kids ages 4-7 each Sunday we gather in person. We are looking to expand according to our ability to do it safely.

You no longer need to register your child, but we do ask you to only check in your child if he/she is in full health.

If you have questions or comments, please contact our ConnectKIDS Director Katherin Chaverra at