JD and Alini Müller

JD and Alini founded and are current pastors of ConnectCommunity church. They were raised in loving homes by hardworking parents and ended up finding each other while serving the ministry together. They have been married for 16 years and are the proud parents of 3 little girls. They have over 22 years of combined ministry experience. Before moving to Stamford, CT, JD and Alini have proudly served under Pastor Joel Osteen as part of the staff at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, with which they still remain close.
“We are the benefactors of the transformation Jesus brings through an authentic life-giving church. We believe God uses the local church to encounter people in their realities and connect them to their purpose. That is our conviction, and as pastors, we will devote our lives to see this become a reality for the people of Stamford and surrounding areas.” -JD & Alini.

JD Müller

My destiny changed well before I was born. My grandfather grew up in a messy situation and was raised by a family that was not his own. One day in the early 1940s when he was 18 years old and hopeless, he found life in Jesus through a local church. My life was changed forever.

Alini Müller

“I was 6 years old when my parents found Jesus in a storefront church in Queens, NY. Until that day, my dad’s rough upbringing had left him scarred and convinced he was destined to a life of mediocrity. From that day on, we discovered love, hope, and the peace that surpasses understanding.”