Dear Friends,

Alini and I have recently been in touch with our friends in Houston, Texas. It is an overwhelming time for all residents of Southeast Texas; there is much need, thousands have been displaced, and as of today (Tuesday, August 29th) the rain has yet to stop.


We and all at ConnectCommunity are going to do all we can to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The most immediate needs include food and supplies for both those displaced and relief workers (gas money, boats, trucks, etc). That’s why, as a community, we have already donated $1,000.00 to a local church partner, of which 100% of the funds will go toward those needs.


Having lived in Houston for over a decade, Alini and I have faced our share of storms and hurricanes (Rita, Ike, and Katrina, to name a few). Local churches not only have large membership databases (especially in Houston), but their very nature of operation is relational – people connecting with other people. That’s why local church organizations are in the best position to mobilize volunteers, locate people, and care for their immediate needs. Much of the rescue is being done by people helping people and churches have a big hand in it.


The most powerful effort we can provide from the Northeast US is to give. The need is overwhelming, the cost will be great, and it will take all of us!

We have set up a fund and 100% of the donations will be applied toward Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston, Texas.

Please give, no matter what reputable charitable organization you chose. We only ask that you pray, ask God what you are supposed to do, and follow what He puts in your heart.

We are a young church, but we are going to do all we can to help those in need! We love you.

-JD and Alini Müller.
ConnectCommunity Lead Pastors


Text the amount you wish to give followed by the word “FLOOD” to:


(Example: “25 FLOOD” to give $25)



NOTE: We are mobilizing people who are willing to go to Houston for a few days and help. We cannot set dates or predict when they will need us the most, but experience has taught us that within 4 to 8 weeks there will be a big need for volunteers to help with debris cleaning, and the rebuilding of homes.